Open to all community and high school players residing in Cowichan to Victoria (VI South Zone).

U18 Canada Cup Team – Players born 2005 or 2006
Selected by Football Canada Reps to play in Kelowna July 9-17, 2022

U17 Team BC Select Team – Players born 2005 or 2006
Selected by BCPFA to play against other provinces in the Western Showcase in Alberta July 2022

U16 Team BC Western Regional Team – Players born 2007 or 2008
Selected by BCPFA to play against western provinces in Langley July 1-7, 2022

U10-U14 Team BC – Players born in 2008 – 2014
Players participating in the BCPFA regional academy (U10, U12, U14) will be eligible for selection to teams attending the Snoop Bowl Championship (final teams will be organized and selected by All Star Youth Sports). Additional fees apply.


Phase 1 – VI South High Performance Football Academy (February 12 – April 16) – U10-U18

Athletes will train locally with the VI South Football Academy during this phase. These practices will include conditioning, position specific training, as well as team training to get our players ready for the BCPFA regional games April 16th, 2022 at MacLeod Stadium in Langley.

BCPFA coaching staff will visit our scout athletes for the Team BC program at the BCPFA Zone tournament. They will also be provided with combine results for combines, as well as recommendations from our Coaches. Players are required to participate in the High Performance football academy to be considered for Team BC selection. 

Phase 2 – BCPFA Regional Games (April 16) – U10-U18

Players will represent their High Performance Centre in a tournament in Langley (MacLeod Stadium) April 20th against other BCPFA regional high performance academies. BCPFA coaching staff will be attending and scouting players for Team BC. The tournament fee is included in the academy fee, however travel costs are not included. Players will need to supply their own equipment or borrow from their clubs.

Phase 3 – 2nd Annual BCPFA 2022 Bowl Games (May 21 & 22) U16 & U18

The U18 & U17 Team BC players selected will form 2 teams and compete in Langley (MacLeod Stadium) on May 21st. On Sunday 22nd, the U16/U15 Team BC players will travel to Vancouver Island. More information to come.

Phase 4 – Team BC U16 & U18 (July)

Final selection for Team BC (U16-U18) will be complete by late June depending on the age category. Athletes chosen for Team BC will participate in periodic training camps as part of their final preparation to represent BC at the designated competition in July.